Alysia Peach

NFP: Studio Coordinator

“The NFP line is luxurious and created with high quality beautiful textiles coupled with unique inventive design. The multifunctionality of each piece instills the confidence and comfort to be fashion forward in any environment ultimately making you feel amazing.”

Shannon O’Neil

NFP: Lead Stylist / Wholesale Account Manager

“What attracted me to NFP is the company’s philosophy and the unique engineered designs! The styles are convertible and made of natural fibers; they demonstrate asymmetrical lines and details, such as detachable sleeves, belts, and hoods. The product is multifunctional allowing each customer to create their own NEW FORM PERSPECTIVE.”

Brittney Polikoff

NFP: Lead Stylist / Social Media Coordinator

“The way we dress is an expression of who we are, and NFP takes this concept to the ultimate level.  Stunning shapes, incredibly convertible designs, cozy textures and unique details: each piece makes a statement.”

Elissa Dunlop

NFP: Brand Ambassador
“New Form Perspective invites its wearers to play and express creativity through versatile styling. The interesting and unique engineered designs seamlessly integrate into an existing wardrobe and will quickly become your favorites. The super fine merino yarns are extremely comfortable, soft and beautiful. NFP signature details function and provide options for multiple looks within each convertible style that keep your interest over time. The quality is high end. The look is sculptural, confidant, and individual.”