Streaming thoughts of inspiration

Universal art: it is the greatest harmony a human being can attain.

Constructivists searched for a return to the beginning & therefore the use of geometric forms.

Constructivism calls for a “sculpture of space rather than of mass”. Viewer must inspect it from different angles to fully appreciate it; introducing a kinetic element that reinforces the sense of a work that reaches from the spatial into the temporal.

Entranced by the prospects of constructivism, ushering not only a pristine world of free & unfettered objectivity; but also holding out the promise of contributing and perhaps even sharing the work of the “brave new world”.

Abstract art is a new language in order to express a new reality.

Search for a clarity & structure through my designs that can convey a universal truth & harmony.

To my mind there is no such thing as classic art, medieval art or modern art. There is only one art= art creative, true eternal. No past art or future art. Art one and only one; same like the ocean to the sea. To my mind art never changes. In ancient times like today. The same forms, the same principles, the only change is expression.
-Jean Xceron

Invention of anything; of any act, form, myth; through pure games; through pure sense of creation: eternity, function.
-Carmelo Arden Quin